Kanye West Teases "Jesus Is King Part II" With Dr. Dre

Jesus may be king, but when it comes to making music, Dr. Dre is like a god. So it's no wonder that Kanye West revealed Monday on Twitter that he and Dre are teaming up to produce a sequel to his #1 album Jesus Is King. "Ye and Dre Jesus is King Part II coming soon," Kanye tweeted alongside a pic of him and Dre in a studio.Complexnotes that it'll be the first time the two musical icons have teamed up on a project, although West has long shouted Dre's praises. "I first met Dre in December of 2003...At first I was starstruck, but within 30 minutes I was begging him to mix my next album," Kanye once told Rolling Stone. "He's the definition of a true talent: Dre feels like God placed him here to make music, and no matter what forces are aligned against him, he always ends up on the mountaintop." (Amen!) Kanye also once admitted he "bit the drums off 'Xxplosive'" with a sped-up sample to create JAY-Z's "This Can’t Be Life" on the outro to The College Dropout's "Last Call." 



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