Charges Dropped Against College QB

This story is for the birds! Here's the poop: Prosecutors in South Carolina announced Thursday that drug possession charges would be dropped against Georgia Southern quarterback Shai Werts after the "cocaine" cops thought they spotted on his car turned out to be bird droppings. "That’s bird s**t. I swear to God," the 21-year-old Werts told an office on July 31 in a dashcam video. "Can I tell you something? That’s bird s**t." His arresting officer replied, "It looks nothing like bird poop, man. We know what bird poop looks like.” But local prosecutor Al Eargle admitted Thursday night, "I was informed that the test did come back and that there was no controlled substance found."The Washington Post notes that Werts was in danger of missing GSU’s season opener later this month against LSU after he was suspended from the team following his arrest. According to a police report, Werts was also clocked traveling at 80 mph and didn’t immediately stop for officers.



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