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SideTakers with Andrew and Ava

Andrew and Ava's daughter is finishing her freshman year and summer school in Maryland. She has a boyfriend that she met three weeks into college. They've gone to Spring and Fall break together.

Next week Adrew and Ava's daughter's boyfriend is coming to Orlando. He's planning on staying for a week, so he got a hotel. Their daughter is going to show him around because he wants to do the tourist stuff. Andrew and Ava live in Lake Mary and the boyfriend got an Air bnb in Champions Gate about an hour away. Their daughter told them that she was going to stay in the Air BnB with her boyfriend while he was here.

Andrew is like, "no way". No way is their daughter staying in a hotel with a guy she isn't engaged or married to. Ava reminded Andrew that their daughter is an adult and she's probably already spending the night with him. They've gone on trips together and where did he think she slept? Ava feels that they should respect her wishes.

Andrew thinks everyone has lost their mind. When is it ok that their 19-year daughter is staying in a hotel with her boyfriend. As long as he is paying for college, she still has to live by his rule. PERIOD. Ava feels that if he continues to behave this way, he could chase their daughter away. They need to learn to treat her like an adult.


Side with Andrew and their daughter will stay home while her boyfriend is in town.

Side with Ava and they will let their daughter decide where she stays while her boyfriend is in town.

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