Ohio Police Stop Traffic To Scoop Up Cash Spilled On Busy Freeway

Exhausted Money

Photo: Getty Images

Ohio drivers, including law enforcement, were pulling over on Interstate 71 Tuesday (November 29) to pick up money that had spilled out onto the freeway, according to the Ohio Department of Transportation.

The chaotic scene happened at about 3:45 p.m. on Tuesday, according to reports from WHIO. Warren County drivers were seen pulling over, getting out of their cars and scooping the curranancy off the highway near I-71 and SR-48.

State police reported to the scene to assist as traffic began to pile up, and even took part in the cash grab. In a video obtained by FOX News, law enforcement officials can be seen blocking oncoming traffic with their car as they bend over to pick up bills from the road. As a result of the incident, the highway was closed for cleanup.

It's not entirely clear how the money ended up on the highway, but county dispatchers did say they received reports of a backpack full of cash being thrown from a vehicle. FOX News' request for additional information was deferred by State Police, who said the Warren County Sheriff's office took the lead in the investigation. However, the sheriff's office did not immediately respond to requests seeking confirmation of the incident.

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