Eric Holder's Lawyer in Nipsey Hussle Murder Case Is Christopher Darden?!

It was weird enough when the name of Nipsey Hussle's suspected killer turned out to be Eric Holder--the same name as the first black man to ever be appointed Attorney General. Now it seems Holder the murder suspect is being represented in court by none other than O.J. Simpson prosecutor Christopher Darden! The 62-year-old Darden was seen on camera Thursday representing Holder at his arraignment in an L.A. courtroom, where he pleaded not guilty to murdering the famous rapper. AsThe Washington Postnotes, "Darden’s central role in that highly charged [Simpson] trial, which was fraught with racial overtones, sparked widespread outrage as some black people labeled him a 'race traitor'...By defending Holder, Darden is once again being vilified by many in the black community." As one Twitter user wrote, "Chris Darden’s relationship with Black America is just... like..."



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