2 People Arrested in Arkansas After Trying to Steal Al Capone Statue

Ironically, two men were arrested in Arkansas over the weekend for trying to steal a statue of the world's most famous criminal. The AP reports that Mason Potter Jr. and Andrew Vaughn or Missouri were charged with public intoxication and criminal mischief after they made off with a statue of Al Capone that sits outside the Ohio Club in the town of Hot Springs early Saturday. Ohio Club owner Mike Pettey chased down the suspects on foot and retrieved the statue himself, although the item sustained about $3,500 in damage to Capone's arm, leg and fedora brim. A woman who happened to film the incident said during the spree, "I have it on camera! There's an old guy running after them." After the "old guy" was identified as Pettey, she added, "They broke [Capone], though. He's been skidded down the sidewalk. Poor guy!" Back in the day, Hot Springs was a popular vacation destination for gangsters like Capone.



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