Kroger Shooter Reportedly Killed 2 Black Victims

The shooting at a Kroger grocery store in Kentucky on Wednesday may have been racially motivated, as the perpetrator reportedly said during his attack, "Whites don't kill whites." The son of the armed white bystander who fired at alleged gunman Gregory Alan Bush, prompting him to flee, told Wave 3 News that his father heard Bush say those words amid their standoff inside the store. "[The shooter] said, ‘Please don’t shoot and I won’t shoot you, whites don’t kill whites,'” Steve Zinninger said. Wave 3 News has also reported that at least one of the gunman's two victims was black. Bush was arrested shortly after his rampage near the Kroger. He's been charged with two counts of murder and "multiple counts" of wanton endangerment and is due to be arraigned on Friday morning.



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