Twitter Users Are Sharing Their Most Humiliating Moments

Twitter users recently began sharing their most embarrassing moments--and they did not disappoint. Here are 10 highlights......

  • As I drove out of the gas station, I noticed a really good looking guy filling up his car. For some weird reason and completely against how I normally behave, I blew him a kiss, then proceeded to drive straight into the back of a taxi.
  • A cute guy I worked with wanted to give me a fist bump. I thought he was pretending to hold an invisible microphone so I leaned forward and said hello. 
  • I was 14 and my friend and I were walking along the street and some pervy-looking middle-aged man tooted his horn at us from a white van, so I gave him the finger. My friend said, "That’s my dad."
  • First day of drivers ed. The teacher goes, “Who’s Christian?” I thought that was a weird question, but I figured Jesus would want me to stand up for my beliefs. So I raised my hand. Then I realized she was taking roll. 
  • I was wearing heels and walking in the cafe at work. I stumbled and fell flat on my face. I was so embarrassed that I laid on the floor, acting like I fainted. Everyone crowded around me and I was forced to go to the ER.
  • I was on a date for the first time in months. He bought me a shot. It was awful and after I swallowed it I immediately threw it back up. But I caught the vomit in my mouth before it exited my body. I panicked and sat there for 5 mins with vomit in my mouth. 
  • I was working retail and a woman walked in on crutches and stood at a display, checking out the merch. I asked how she was doing and she said "fine." "Except for the leg, huh?" I asked and she didn't respond. Then I walked around the display and saw she only had one leg.
  • The rotating X-ray machine at the dentist snatched my wig off. I had to stay still so I couldn’t grab it. I can still see the dental assistant looking at me through the window. I know she wanted to laugh. 
  • I ran into this guy at the bar that I went to K-12 with, and we always have a small conversation when we bump into each other. I told him good luck on beer pong, and he stuck his cheek out for me to kiss it. I didn’t know what to do so I just pressed my cheek against his. 
  •  I was running for the train and my skirt fell off. Everyone on the train was looking. I pulled my skirt back up, blew a kiss to everyone looking and ran like a mother for the train. Nothing is embarrassing if you own that s**t.


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