7 Things to Not Do With Your Credit Card

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  • Charging up to the full limit. Running your card right up to the limit tells lenders you aren’t a good money manager. 
  • Skipping a payment. Paying your credit card balance late or not making a monthly payment means interest grows, you could be charged a late fee, and your credit score will drop.
  • Paying only the minimum. Not paying the full balance each month can turn that $4 latte you charged into a $40 latte thanks to accrued interest over time. 
  • Getting a trendy card with a big annual fee. Some people get too overextended and then can’t pay off their credit card. 
  • Adding someone as an authorized user. Authorized users are not liable for the expenses and debts they rack up on a credit card--the primary cardholder is responsible. 
  • Using your card on suspicious websites. Protect yourself by making sure the website where you enter your credit card number includes “https” instead of “http” in its URL; the https prefix means the site uses an encrypted connection, 
  • Using your card when you are drunk. It’s all too easy to buy a round of drinks (or three) once you’re feeling tipsy.


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