The 10 Commandments of Texting in 2018

C-Rob has put together a list of rules for texting in this day and age. Here are the 10 you must follow: 

  • Thou shalt not use read receipts. 
  • Thou shalt always include sufficient emojis and exclamation points in texts. 
  • Thou shalt never text "We need to talk later." 
  • Thou shalt also never text "Can I ask you a question?" 
  • Thou shalt not start typing a response... and then stop. 
  • Thou shalt never call five times in a row without living some sort of message.
  • Thou shalt not ask "What are you doing tonight" without further context. 
  • Thou shalt not text a super long message. 
  • Thou shalt not post on Instagram if you haven't replied to your texts yet. 
  • Thou shalt never ever send a text that says "K."

Please use polite texting! 


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