Man Caught on Camera Giving Himself a Full Shave on New Jersey Train

All a-beard! Commuters in New Jersey experienced a way-too-close shave when one of their fellow riders decided to shave his face--complete with shaving cream!--smack in the middle of a NJ Transit train car. "Welcome to NJ TRANSIT!!!" a Twitter user wrote on Thursday afternoon along with video showing a middle-aged man shaving his face from ear to ear. One fellow rider can be heard joking that he "must have a hot date" before the shaver shakes the extra shaving cream off his razor--and onto the seat and floor next to him. The shaver, with foam remnants still on his face, then mumbles about where a restroom might be. Later, the same commuter who tweeted the first video followed up with a second clip showing the man holding a large can of beer and drunkenly declaring that he wants to go to Atlantic City--or, as he calls it, "Frantic City." 



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