5 Reasons Why Bar Trivia Is the Worst

Group Drinking

Everybody loves a good bar trivia night, right? Not a Post Grad Problems writer named Kell, who just came up with five reasons why bar trivia is the actual worst:

  • It's work disguised as a game. It’s work disguised as a game. The thing about going to a bar is that I’m there to relax, throw back a few beers and decompress after a busy day at the office. Trivia basically takes away these options. Instead of lounging around talking, you have to think and problem solve trying to figure out the name of the longest river in Asia.
  • There's always one untouchable team. For some reason, every bar always has one team that shows up for trivia ready to dominate. They’re the trivia equivalent of the 1989 San Francisco 49ers. Sometimes they have matching t-shirts, and they always have one player that’s 20 years older than everyone else.
  • The bar gets overcrowded. You’ve just finished up the first round of trivia questions and you’ve handed in your answer sheet to the emcee. There’s going to be a lull before the second round starts, so it’s the perfect time to go get another beer, right? Wrong: You and every other person had that same idea and it’s about to cause some serious Trivia Break Overcrowding.
  • It's a late-night affair. I hate staying up late during the week. I like to be in bed by 10 so I can function the next day without having to chug espresso all morning. But with trivia nights, it seems like bars are incapable of having the damn thing end at a reasonable hour.
  • Your tab is exponentially higher. I have yet to walk away from a trivia night with my tab under $20. Maybe it’s just a testament to my lack of willpower when it comes to high cholesterol food, but something about the environment just makes you spend more...Part of the problem is guys aren’t at trivia night to pick up girls. No one’s offering to pay for my drinks on a Tuesday evening at 7.


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