Top 10 Reasons Why We Are In Radio

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Well this should take us down a peg who are in radio.....

Someone polled more than 1,100 radio hosts around the country and asked a bunch of questions about how we do our jobs. But they also mixed in a few mildly INSULTING questions that we loved.  And here are the results . . .

 The best question they asked was, "Do you think you have a FACE FOR RADIO?"  And 28% admitted that YES, I probably do.

 That includes 11% who STRONGLY agreed.  And male hosts were about twice as likely to say they have a "face for radio" than female hosts.

 But here's my favorite stat:  39% admitted they've dated a LISTENER before, including 7% who ended up MARRYING one.  (So if you're willing to deal with our HIDEOUSNESS, you might have a shot?)

 Despite that, almost no one said all that ACTION is a motivator for choosing this as a career.  Only 1% named "sex" as one of their main reasons for working in radio

Here are the top ten reasons we work in radio, according to the survey they took . . .



1.  It's fun.  80% agreed that's one of their top reasons.


2.  Entertaining people, 73%.


3.  It's emotionally fulfilling, 57%.


4.  It's the ONLY thing I know how to do, or it's what I do best, 50%.


5.  Supporting the community, 46%.


6.  Informing people, 46%.


7.  Being able to connect with a large number of people, 45%.


8.  Because it's fun being part of a team, 39%.


9.  It's just all about the music, 35%.


10.  Hey, it's a living, 31%.

Only 14% said MONEY is a main factor . . . just 6% said FAME is what motivates them . . . and 1% said they do it for the CONSTANT HOOK-UPS.



As far as what's hardest about the job . . . 37% said they spend over nine hours a day at work.  And 49% were forced to take the weekend or overnight shift when they were just starting out. 



(PR Newswire)

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