Top 5 Social Media Posts That Can Ruin Your Chances of Landing a Job

Social Media

Here are the Top 5 media post that can ruin your chances of landing a job....Watch what you post 

1.  Inappropriate photos or videos.  40% have ruled someone out because of it.


2.  Posts about drinking or using drugs, 36%.


3.  Bigoted comments about race, gender, or religion, 31%.


4.  Something besides drugs that suggests criminal behavior, 30%.


5.  Something that shows you lied about your qualifications, 27%.

Don't play it safe by deleting all your accounts though.  47% of hiring managers said you're less likely to land an interview if they can't find you online.  But thinning out your posts might be a good idea.  12% said they've rejected someone simply because they posted too much and seemed OBSESSED with social media. 

Credit: Career Builder 

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