Usher & His Herpes Accuser Fight Over Condom Responsibility


One of the women accusing Usher of giving her herpes is firing back at the singer for trying to place the blame on her. According to documents obtained by The Blast, Laura Helm initially sued Usher seeking unspecified damages, and claimed he forced her to have unprotected oral sex without her consent, after she had sex with him twice and contracted an STD. Usher responded by filing a motion demanding the case be thrown out, saying Helm assumed any risks when she allegedly engaged in unprotected sex. He also pointed out that she “is silent as to whether she brought a condom to his hotel room, asked him to wear a condom (to which he refused), and/or even discussed the use of a condom or other protection with him.” Helm has described Usher’s motion as “a shallow attempt to divert responsibility” away from himself. She is now asking the court not grant Usher’s motion to dismiss the case and wants the case to continue on. This really makes Usher sound guilty!


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