Color Me Badd Member Shoves Bandmate, Arrested for Assault

Color him bad, indeed! On Saturday, one of Color Me Badd's members was arrested for assault after he violently pushed another bandmate to the ground. During the R&B group's closing performance of "I Wanna Sex You Up" at Del Lago Casino in New York, Bryan Abrams allegedly yelled, ā€œIā€™m motherf**king Color Me Badd!ā€ at Mark Calderon before rushing onstage and shoving him. Calderon tells The Blast that Abrams was wasted before the show and skipped most of the concert after he was barely able to perform the night's first song, "All for Love." He also told TMZ, "He was drunk. He was intoxicated. The man needs some serious help right now," adding that he hasn't spoken to Abrams since the incident occurred. Calderon suffered mild whiplash, but is otherwise okay. 



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