MICHAEL JACKSON: Two-Hour ABC Special Airs Tonight

Michael Jackson

The Last Days of Michael Jackson combines never-before-seen footage from interviews the King of Pop did with the network's Barbara Walters and Diane Sawyer, plus conversations with friends and associates.

One of the new conversations is with Derek "Cooley" Jackson, one of the dancers who taught Jackson how to moonwalk.

Much of the focus is on the stress that weighed on Michael as he planned and rehearsed for his This Is Itworld tour. ABC probes the substance problems that were about to derail it, culminating in his Propofol-related death on June 25th, 2009. (BroadwayWorld.com)

But the Jackson estate calls the program "another crass and unauthorized attempt to exploit the life, music and image of Michael Jackson without respect for Michael's legacy, intellectual property rights or his children." In a statement issued today (Wednesday), it accuses the network of violating its intellectual property rights by using "music and other intellectual property owned by the estate such as photos, logos, artwork...without having licensed the rights to any such material." 

  • How much new info did the network dig up? Should be interesting to see?
  • Michael's doctor Calvin Murray has already been punished for his role in Jackson's death.
  • He was a superstar -- like Elvis, the public will never lose interest in him. His music and legacy will live on.
  • Sawyer and Walters were always easy on Jackson in interviews -- no one ever pushed the issue of his being addicted to substances or that weird plastic surgery.
  • Think close pals and mentors Diana Ross or Berry Gordy will ever speak openly about Jackson's decline?


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