People Have Gotten Revenge on a Coworker

Business revenge

If stuff keeps disappearing off your desk at work or you keep missing meetings because the emails to you "must not have gone through" . . . yeah, there's a surprisingly good chance it's NOT an accident. It means someone just don't like you for some reason, and they are getting revenge! Here are the top 10 ways your co-worker is getting revenge! 

1.  Made sure that person got worse tasks to do or fewer tasks to do.


2.  Spread a bad rumor about them.


3.  Quit their job in, quote, "an unconventional way."


4.  Hid that person's things.


5.  Got them FIRED.


6.  Sabotaged their work.


7.  Tampered with their computer.


8.  Ate their lunch.


9.  Used private info from their social media against them.


10.  Deleted things from their computer. 


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