Vivica Fox Says Sex Life With 50 Cent Was 'PG-13,' Rapper Claps Back

The messy 50 Cent and Vivica A. Fox saga continues... The actress has a self-help book coming out entitled "Every Day, I’m Hustling." In the literary work, Fox mentioned some things about her ex and Fif wasn't too pleased

As many of us can remember, Fif and Fox had a very high-profile relationship in the early 2000s. They were in love! However, they eventually had a very nasty break up and their relationship has been messy ever since. For years to come, the two would throw insult after insult at one another in interviews and on social media. But, we assumed that things would be somewhat cool between the two again when Fox revealed that they saw one another at a basketball game and ended their beef last year. The actress even appeared on the rapper's BET show, "50 Central" a few months ago. However, it looks like the messiness isn't quite over.

The New York Daily News is reporting that in Fox's upcoming book, she speaks about her previous sex life with 50 Cent. “Most of the time, I would be the one initiating sex, because I really enjoyed making love with him,” wrote Fox. She also added that their love making was "PG-13" and "cherished and special." Now, brace yourself for the recording artist's response...

On Instagram, Fif posted a screenshot of Fox's article and captioned it: "I’m waking up to this s**t, that was 14 years ago. 🤦‍♂️smh who does this? What the f**k!" See that below. 

**WARNING: Explicit language**


Vivica Fox's "Every Day, I’m Hustling" comes out April 3. 

Photo: Getty Images


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