Mother Gets Beat Up By 4 Teenage Girls When She Tries To Confront Bullies At Her School

This video really makes me angry!

If you have a child, you will do any and everything to protect your child. In the video below you see a mother attempting to help her daughter confront teenage bullies at her daughters school.

The situation went completely south once the teens started getting aggressive towards her daughter. As the 4 teen girls were trying to jump the daughter, her mother tried to pull her away to leave and instead the 4 teens began beating up the mother! 

They ripped her clothes off, punched her, pulled her hair, and it went on (keep this in mind when you watch the video.) The only thing the mother could do at that point was run into a local store. Her daughter was screaming and crying for her mother.

What really frustrates me about this aside from the obvious are the men standing there and watching this happen! 



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